Ignite ARB


• IGNITE ARB - the popular top-quality harness for arborists is now available in the modern IGNITE design. This work horse among arborist harnesses scores with top robustness and sturdiness, even when heavy tools or equipment such as chain saws are carried. Its construction features a special SLIDING BRIDGE (G-1152-1-20), which allows it to be easily replaced as needed without the use of tools or additional screws. A simple threading technique and a wear indicator considerably reduce risk potential. The SLIDING BRIDGE is available in various lengths and has versions with one or two rings. By adding the additional IGNITE ARB TOP, the waist harness can be equipped as a complete harness and thus certified to meet EN 361.
• Loop 35KN
• Anchor- strap
• Anchor strap with yellow bar with a load capacity of 35kN. Used in the construction industry. Can be used as a movable attachment point. The diameter of the strap is 25 mm.
• Loading capacity 35kN
• Mobile anchor point
• diameter 25mm
• Sizes from 0.4mm to 4m