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About us

Our vision is to lower the risks which workers are exposed to on the workplace. That can be achieved by providing true and quality protective equipment. In today's dynamic work environment we want to offer you protective equipment which will be of quality, appropriate for the workplace risks and readily available to the worker.


EVROHEM is a company founded in 1991, dealing with manufacturing and trade of chemical raw materials. In 2009, the company starts with trade of personal protective wear and accessories and since then is successfully positioned as an importer and distributor of quality protective equipment. Our successful image is a result of quality and on-time distribution of protective equipment and our positive customer relations. With more than 1000 products in stock, we can answer to our clients' needs in short notice. We are a leader in the distribution of high quality protective equipment, because we constantly invest and follow the worlds trends in the area of protection and protective wear.

Our goal is to become the leader in providing quality protective equipment, readily available products at any time and for any level of workplace risk, and advice for the companies when trying to pick the appropriate protective gear. To constantly improve the way we work and serve our customers. To constantly improve our quality of service and the products we offer.


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